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  • Kick-start your New Year with more confidence 
  • Leap from fear to freedom 
  • Courageously live your most kickass life 
  • Transform your limiting beliefs into unlimited creative possibilities 
  • Build an accountability team that’s there for you when you need ‘em the most 

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Creative Trespassing: The Map

Double your CONFIDENCE and START achieving your DREAMS by doing LESS and having MORE fun! Online DIY Course with Bestselling Author Tania Katan

What you'll get:

  • Creative Trespassing Coaching Course – 5-Week guided journey to enable you to courageously live your most kickass life 
  • Clarity on goal-setting—and achieving—with more creativity, good humor and joy 
  • Creative tools, stories and exercises to enable YOU to leap from fear to freedom 
  • Transformational videos and worksheets to inspire goal-achieving with more gusto and less F's given

The course will be delivered online via video in English.

14 Day Money back guarantee before course starts - T&Cs apply

What People Are Saying:

“When I started this program I though my goal was one thing and it turned out to be something different. I thought this was going to be a more action centered process for me. But it has become more about digging in the dirt. That's still an action. Just a messier one, sometimes. But one that has ultimately brought me real lucidity. I feel like the last few weeks have saved me at least 6 month to two years of stumbling in unclarity. ”


“My winning is learning how to disrupt the interruptions and keep myself focused. Whenever I feel distracted I focus on breathing and comeback to my project. ”


“This course has so many good tools that I’m using. Just tonight when faced with a problem and feeling sorry for myself, I asked myself, 'What if this were easy?' From there, I turned my stuck mindset into one where I could move forward! Thanks, Tania Katan! shazam! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to live with more ease!”


“Creative Trespassing: The Map has inspired me to get out of my own way by asking for help (super scary for me!), seeking feedback, building my accountability team/support group, and truly accepting that I am not defined by others! I am a dreamy, singing, creative weirdo who has so much to offer others. I am not for everyone and that is OK 🙂”