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How to leap from fear to freedom and courageously live your kickass life


Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

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One Goal: Five Weeks

Five empowering steps, learn via video with downloadable worksheets.

Creative tools, tips and exercises to enable YOU to leap from fear to freedom.

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Whats your goal? Do you want to...

start a new business, write a book proposal, spend more time with family, create your TED talk, improve your health, perform a one person show, get a promotion, unleash your voice, advocate for those who haven't yet found their voices ...

But you feel you can’t, because of constraints, like you don’t have enough...  time, motivation, support, guidance, knowledge, confidence?

If you answered: YES (like I have sooooo many times, just ask my wife, therapist, friends), then I am happy to tell you that when you harness the power of constraints (rather than give ‘em the middle finger) you can

...TOTALLY achieve your goals/dreams!

YES I'm ready to Leap

What People Are Saying About Tania

"Tania Katan – creative powerhouse, innovative thinker, purveyor of hilarity and fun – offers unique and valuable tools for bringing more creativity into your life. At once playful, smart, easy to implement and, dare I say, punk rock, she will wake you up to your personal power and remind you just how enjoyable your life, and work, can be!”

Jen Sincero, #1 New York Times bestselling author of You are a Badass

“After Tania’s session, countless people came up to me saying that Tania was the best speaker we’ve ever had at Expedia. To see our teams excited to disrupt some of our technologies with creativity was truly inspiring."

Kristen Weber, Expedia

 “Tania Katan and Creative Trespassing are true gems. Every page of the book (and her talks) reeks of smart, teachable takeaways and real-life applications to both boring and challenging encounters we all have along the road! Super inspiring and funny!” 

Elizabeth Cutler, Founder of SoulCycle  

"We brought Tania Katan to speak about inserting creativity into our work lives. Not only did she deliver, but it was the most laughter I’ve heard from a crowd in ages! Tania was undeniably engaging and made a connection with each and every person in the audience. I hope to bring her back again in the future.”

Michelle Rakshys, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Amazon

“Tania recently gave a Virtual Presentation to my organization on creative trespassing. We are a creative group at our core. However, with the ever-changing environment brought on by the pandemic, we were struggling with inspiration. Enter Tania who was a beacon of hope and a huge ball of energy! She was exactly what we needed to get us on our feet, moving around, laughing, and thinking “inside the box.” While our creative juices were slightly rusty, she is credited with re-stimulating our brains and helping us to grow.”  

Megan Cesiel, Event Marketing Strategist, SRP

“As one of the 400 who joined Tania Katan’s Virtual Talk, I found it to be enlightening and funny! Great spin on finding different ways to look at things in this most trying time that we are all in. Her message and presence were inspiring, positive and actionable, and that’s what we need now, more than ever.”

Veterans of America Health Care System, Lead Medical Technologist

"It was pure joy having Tania deliver the keynote for our [email protected] annual summit. She was wicked funny, candid, relevant and has a gift for drawing folks into her orbit. She was the highlight of the day for everyone surveyed! Her approach is authentic and kind, with just the right dose of humor. I’m a Tania fan for life."

Natasha Wright, Google

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